Castleconnell Co Limerick

Phone (+353) 086-4474555

Address: Ruan, Castleconnell, Co Limerick, Co. Limerick





Holistic Clinic based in Castleconnell Co Limerick.

Located just 10 minutes from the City Centre.         


Open Monday-Friday by appointment only.

At Inner Balance Holistic Centre Limerick we provide a range of different Holistic therapies which include Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology,  Reiki treatments, Indian Head Massage and more.

We work with the body's energy system to help "balance" it so that it can heal itself in a natural way.

Holistic healthcare has the potential to heal many aspects of our lives and therefore has a vital role to play in maintaining all aspects of health & well being. Amy O Mara specialises in Reflexology for Pregnancy, Maternity and Fertility Reflexology to compliment the medical fertility route.  


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Reg Office: Inner Balance Holistic Centre. Rivers, Annacotty. Limerick